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Friday, April 29, 2016

B. Clementine on NPR

I had the chance to listen to B.Clementine's album during a Christmas dinner party last year and it didn't convince me at all.

This live performance is however impressive. The piano looks simply an extension of his body, the lyrics a storytale, his eyes a gaze looking beyond.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Spring Acknowledgments

The astonishingly beauty of Meryl Streep, when you watch Manhattan for the 7th time
The stroke in the stomach, when you find out one person you have been madly crazy about is pregnant
The limited knowledge of Prince discography
The difficulty of imagining everyday life in a place other than Berlin
The dream of imagining everyday life possible in Venice
The sharp clarity you attain, when alcohol is banned for a while
The comfort of spending time in a library reading academic works

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Germany vs Italy who cares....

Altough being an Italian citizen living in the German capital, I consider a point of personal pride the fact of spending an amazing evening with friends (dinner and drinks) and not being aware of the football results.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Il quadro dipinto da Censis e Istat per l'Italia appare durissimo da digerire

Dall'articolo apparso online su Lettera43
"C'è dunque oggi in Italia una «pericolosa povertà di progettazione per il futuro, di disegni programmatici di medio periodo». Prevale una dinamica d'opinione messa in moto da quel che avviene giorno per giorno. È la vittoria della «pura cronaca», che si vede nella «disarticolazione strutturale» del nostro sistema: vincono come al solito l'interesse particolare, il soggettivismo, l'egoismo individuale e non maturano valori collettivi e un'unità di interessi."

Friday, December 04, 2015

My top 5 albums for 2015

The Districts
Vijay Iyer Trio
Beach House
Ryley Walker

All 5 from the US
All 5 from the East

Friday, October 16, 2015

Signs of my neighbourhood's gentrification increase

1. Parking becoming more and more difficult at night
2. This morning saw at least 2 brand new Defenders (Landrover) within 10 minutes
3. The number of coffee-related drinks you can order any given bar; as if coffee, espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato were not enough
4. At least one renovation going on in very block
5. Prams prams prams

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Signs of a creeping, pervasive privatisation of Everything

A tentative draft list:

- Citizens cleaning up streets
- Parents creating their own kindergarten
- European citizens saving migrants and refugees's lives
- European citizens helping migrants and refugees in general
- Social start-ups trying to solve problems the State does not anymore
- The rethoric of " We can do it" which sounds a lot like capitalistic self-reliance
- The inflation of the prefix "self"
- The use of social media data for commercial purpose
- The growing sense of necessity of working pro-bono or voluntary to get a job
- The Self-production of more and more services
- The commercialisation of art in all its forms
- The growing costs of education at all levels

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Justice will not be made, ever.

Just to put few circumstances in perspective:

(1) it is a piece of news from yesterday that "Mr." Berlusconi actually bought Italian deputees so that the government by his only real political challenger, Mr. Prodi, would fall.

(2) Given the length in the proceedings and in the first trial, due primarily - please note - to the fine tactics of the "best" Italian lawyers he can afford paying because to the immensity of his wealth and also due to the sclerotic judicial system he did not even dare reforming in the almost 10 years he spent as PM, the sentence will never be applicable i.e. he will not spend a single day in jail.

(3) That screams for injustice and social revolt from every possible perspective.

(4) It is beyond my understanding that people do not go on the streets, boycott all his media empire or stop voting his accolytes and supporters (shares of votes for his scandalous club-wanna-be-party dimished lately, though steadily >10% nationally).

(5) Given all that, it feels more and more difficult to ever think to go back to such a neurotic, self-condescending, culturally biased, disillusioned, filled-with-double-standards, unable-to-ever-bounce national community currently going under the name of Italian Republic.