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Monday, August 25, 2014

A great metal band, discovered thanks to my buddy PH

Thursday, August 07, 2014

B. Eno and P. Schwartz on the Gaza conflict and US politics: chronologically linked READ IT

My personal  sum up:

There is no reason left to support Israel in the way he wages war to Palestinian: This is one point where the two agree.
If Israel is guilty of war atrocities as it is the case since the eighties at the latest, it has no more moral primacy left.
Two states and two people PLUS ejection of the extremists on both side the only solution.
Europe and US shall work for it without reluctance to engage.

I am still very angry.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

New German expression I learnt

Satz des Monats:
Du laesst mich abblitzen

Monday, March 03, 2014

How records are (not) sold + tracklist


If you download music illegally, you might feel like buying that record or not.

If you had not bought the record anyway, downloading it does not make any difference to the artist.

If you subscribe to Spotify or MOG or similar, you will not feel like buying a record, ever; plus almost no cent will end in the artists´ hands. For the only sake of the industry.


Albums I (il)legally listened to lately (a lot of NPR first listen and suggestions, plus Blow Up inspired discoveries and other stuff friends uploaded on the cloud).

Beck - Morning Phase
The Notwist - Close to the Glass
St. Vincent - om.
Chopin - Nocturnes et Ballades (Ashkenazy)
Frank Zappa - The Grand Wazoo
Sigur Ros - Með suð í eyrum við spilum
Angel Olsen- Brun Your Fire For No Witness
Have a Nice Life - The Unnatural World
Thumpers - Galore
Cecile McLorin Salvant - Woman Child
Menahan Street Band - The Crossing
AAVV - Red Hot + Fela
The War on Drugs - Wagonwheel Blues
The War on Drugs - Slave Ambient
Flamin´ Groovies - Supersnazz
Blondie - Greatest Hits
De La Soul - Stake is High
Tinariwen - Tassili I
Grant Hart - The Argument
Kaboom Karavan - Short Walk with Olaf
James Holden - The Idiots are Winning
Egyptian Hip Hop - Good Don´t Sleep

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

When taking one position feels like coming to terms with what you are worth of, i.e. good

Dear Ms _________, I would like to come back to the offer I received from ASEF for the position I applied for. Once more I would like to stress the fact that we have had an open and constructive dialogue throughout the application procedure, which I held in high respect: this mail tries to develop that openness further. Ms ______ and Mr _______ read in :cc ( though I know that the first is currently on leave). After having attentively evaluated your financial offer (and the related conditions), discussed living costs and rentals´ situation with acquaintances living in Singapore, considered the profile of the person you had been looking for in your opening, and - last but not least - after having considered my profile and my previous professional experience, I came to the conclusion that the income you offer does not correspond to the expectations I would have for a such a position. For as much as I am willing and excited by the idea of moving to Asia and developing the projects of the Foundation, discovering a new and vibrant culture and getting to know new colleagues and friends, I do not find appropriate the kind of living arrangements I would need to undergo if working (full time) at ASEF under your offer. I am aware of the fact that I would need to share a flat with some other people, but still it would be a matter of how much I would need to share. Furthermore, together with the costs of living, one has also to consider additional health benefits costs, travel costs (at least once a year a flight way and back to Europe, I reckon), pension founds, savings and so on. I am not sure whether there is room for negotiating the salary with ASEF, i.e. with you or any other person in the Foundation; in case there was such room, I would be willing to discuss any job offer entailing an income ranging from ___ to _______ thousand Singapore dollars (gross). I am fully aware that this request would represent at least an increase of more than a third of your initial offer; still, after a long consultation with friends and an extensive internet search I am confident that this request does not look too high or unfair if compared with living conditions in Singapore for a 33-years old professional with almost 7 years of experience in educational programmes. I hope that ASEF will be as open to discuss the issue as I have been in reviewing my profile and qualifications in the past weeks with you. If not, I do not want to prevent the Foundation from selecting another employer in due time. I thank you for your attention and hope to hear form you soon, either way. Let me finally wish you a nice day. With very kind regards from Berlin